Chris Charles | Portrait - Commercial Photography Chris Charles | Portrait - Commercial Photography


Jamaican-American photographer and experienced multi-disciplinary creative Chris Charles always had the desire to make things. 

From childhood comic book illustrations, to using his parent's 35mm camera to discover and explore his passion for photography as a child, to having his paintings displayed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art as a 2nd grader (true story), Chris always had a knack for making the most out of very little. Now residing in North Carolina, Chris currently enjoys crafting visuals for his many local and national clients.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with dreams of becoming an architect, Chris studied Architectural Engineering at SUNY Farmingdale College of Technology prior to a "short" 12 year stint as a US Army Paratrooper (random, but true)...all the while honing his skills in coffee making and chocolate cake eating. After some years in the private sector as an IT professional Chris then earned a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham and has been able to use his technical training and natural ability to successfully carve a niche for himself in his local market. Be it full branding, photography or collateral design for corporate marketing campaigns, Chris has become well known for being a craftsman who doesn't mind getting dirty to accomplish the objective at hand. Chris' client list includes Red Bull, Spike Lee, Moleskine, Durham County, and many local and nationally recognized artists.

Constantly looking to create art that will continue to inspire both himself and others, Chris’ goal is to continue to be a leader in personal and professional brand development by combining the technical tools of the trade with raw artistry that will transcend the times. While continuing to serve his community as a visual artist and brand consultant, Chris currently serves as a board member of the Durham Art Guild.