Chris Charles | Portrait - Commercial Photography Chris Charles | Portrait - Commercial Photography

Beautiful In Every Shade

50 Shades of Black, the collaborative artistic and scholarly project exploring issues of race, sex, and identity, held its Second Open Photo Shoot in Durham North Carolina on a warm August afternoon in 2013.

The local community joined 50 Shades of Black and enjoyed a free photo shoot courtesy of celebrated photographer Chris Charles.

Participants were featured on the 50 Shades of Black website as well as had their photo considered for possible inclusion in upcoming 50 Shades of Black exhibits and projects including its next published printed volume.

50 Shades of Black is a multi-faceted platform for creating an interactive global dialogue around issues of race, skin tone, sexuality and identity. Exploring these themes through visual art, literature, curated blogs, and educational curriculums, 50 Shades of Black aims to explore the ways in which our individual experiences of race give rise to the formation of our unique and often conflicting identities. For more information, please visit: